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After graduation this spring, Simmons will spend the two-year fellowship working with the Public Defender... continue

Fri, 12/02/2016

Safe consumption sites “take [addiction] seriously,” Hempelmann told me later.

Thu, 11/17/2016

"In Seattle, a partnership among community groups, the public defender, law enforcement, and the King... continue

Mon, 11/14/2016

"That afternoon in the Seattle garage turned out differently for Vasquez because he was stopped in a... continue

Tue, 10/25/2016

"Drug addiction is a serious problem in Seattle, as in most urban centers, and our history of policing... continue

Wed, 10/26/2016

A LEAD team of professionals that include police, prosecutors and health care case managers helps provide... continue

Wed, 09/21/2016

Lisa Daugaard, director of the Public Defender Association, complained about the "false dichotomy" of... continue

Wed, 09/07/2016

Listen to PDA's own Lisa Daugaard interviewed on the Ron and Don Show talking about the open letter to the... continue

Mon, 08/29/2016

A task force established to combat a heroin epidemic in the... continue

Thu, 08/25/2016

This letter is a call to action.

Thu, 08/25/2016