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Guest Editorial: Safe Consumption Sites Can Save Lives Like My Daughter's

December 19, 2016
Michael Roberts

The Stranger SLOG - When Amber’s H.O.P.E. signed on the #YesToSCS coalition, we joined more than thirty other organizations speaking out in support of this life saving intervention. We joined with public health and human service providers, community groups, criminal justice reform organizations and many others in an effort to end the stigma, reduce the harm, and bring hope, help, and dignity to those who are living with substance use disorder. Supervised consumption spaces are a safe haven for those who need safety. The truth is, there is no “safe” drug use. There is only safer. Supervised consumption spaces are safer. They are better. Better than parks, better than alleys, better than bathrooms. Every time someone walks through the door, there is a chance to connect, to develop a relationship, to access greater and greater help. They aren’t the entire solution, but they an important part of the solution.

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