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Fund LEAD Expansion into Highland Park and South Delridge

November 13, 2017
Highland Park Action Committee's Co-Chairs, Gunner Scott and Michele Witzki

"As representatives of Highland Park Action Committee we are writing to request that funding for LEAD expansion specifically for Highland Park and the neighborhoods in South Delridge, including Riverview, Westwood, Arbor Heights, Roxhill, and South Delridge, is present in the final 2018 City of Seattle budget. LEAD is a proven method to effectively address community safety and public health concerns while minimizing unnecessary and ineffective use of the justice system, and our community is ready for expansion of this proven model. Since March of 2015 HPAC as been advocating for LEAD and in our 2016 micro-policing plan, LEAD is also suggested as part of Highland Park’s micro policing plan."

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