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April 14, 2016
RC Staff

"Safe consumption sites exist in many countries in Europe and Canada, but nowhere in the U.S. — yet. Users bring in their substances and have access to sterile supplies for injecting under the supervision of a healthcare professional. No drug transfers can happen on the premises.

Users receive better health care and are more likely to enter treatment. Services are available there to help connect people facing addiction with the services they need, as well as providing community connection that can help overcome the low self-esteem that comes with being stigmatized for drug use. Public disorder decreases in the areas where safe consumption sites are located, and fewer needles are left in alleys.

On March 21, VOCAL-WA brought Liz Evans, founder of Vancouver, B.C.’s supervised drug injection site to present to the Seattle City Council Human Services & Public Health Committee. Councilmember Sally Bagshaw opened, citing the need to take bolder action with regard to opioid addiction and overdose prevention in the city.

“And one of our goals, of course, is to make sure that we have permanent housing for places for people to be, to have the services that they need,” Bagshaw said.

What you can do
Sign the online petition in support of safe consumption sites in Seattle. Go to and add your name."

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