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Enrique Gonzalez

Enrique Gonzalez

Enrique Gonzalez is the Community Advocate at the Public Defender Association. His focus areas include police reform and juvenile justice reform through the development of strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Enrique worked for El Centro de la Raza for over 10 years where he focused on a number of community based civil rights advocacy and policy issues. He worked as a youth case manager where he spent time in high schools providing coordination of services to youth at risk of dropping out, substance abuse, homelessness, and assisted with credit retrieval. In 2010 Enrique led El Centro de la Raza’s efforts to engage in juvenile justice policy reform by partnering with the MacArthur Foundation on piloting work with King County and other stakeholders with a specific focus on bridging the gap between the education and justice systems. In 2014 Enrique was appointed by Mayor Ed Murray to serve on the Community Police Commission. In 2017, Enrique was elected to be a co-chair of the Commission.

Enrique was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in American Ethnic Studies. His grandmother and father were members of the original occupation of the organization that is now known as El Centro de la Raza. Consequently, Enrique grew up in the organization attending the Jose Marti Child Development Center as a child, and par-taking in the Hope for Youth Program as a teenager. 

Enrique was a writer for the Beacon Hill News with his column “La Voz Racional” where his focus was on social, political and cultural issues. He also serves on the board of trustees of the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).